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"Matěj je jeden z osmi bratrů."

Translation:Matěj is one of eight brothers.

December 7, 2017



Is "Matěj is one of THE eight brothers" correct too?


Matěj is one of the eight brothers. Why can't it be used?


It is strange as an out-of-context, standalone sentence. It would work in a conversation about a specific group of brothers. For example:

A: "Who is Matěj?"
B: "Matěj is one of the eight brothers that Kateřina has."
C: "Yeah, he's the one who works with František."


Please add the keyboard with cezch characters otherwise i'll bever pass this unit. Thanks.


You should be able to use MATEJ. We add it everywhere as an option (on the English side, that is). But even if it was missing (as it was here), the system should only tell you you had a typo but not penalize you.


You can easily add languages and keyboards in your phone's preferences.

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