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Is Katakana and Kanji currently in the course? And what are your additional learning materials?

Hi guys.

I just started learning Japanese. It seems to me that the course is only supporting Hiragana and there's no exercises for Katakana and Kanji. Is that right?

As a follow up question: What are your additional learning materials? I heard about JapanesePod101 and punipunijapan.com. Any others?

Thanks :)

December 7, 2017



The Genki textbooks are amazing and the Essential Kanji books are also extremely helpful. There's also the app Tangoristo Japanese reader which lets you read a variety of news articles in Japanese and you can tap a word to see the English. WaniKani teaches you Kanji so you will remember it but you do have to pay for it, it is both an app and a website. Other than that there are fun YouTube channels like KemushiChan and Sharla in Japan.


"...there's no exercises for Katakana and Kanji. Is that right?"

No. It teaches Katakana and Kanji later in the course.

I use JapanesePod101 and I love it!


Would you say that JapanesePod101 is worth a subscription? I've heard a lot about it and I have an account, but the free version of the site is rather... limiting. Is the full version really that good?

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I second this question! Can anyone answer?

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