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A great way to learn Kanji

I highly recommend this app for those who are looking for a really good Kanji learning tool. It's called Kanji Study. It's hands down the best way I've learned kanji over the last near decade. It has N5 level kanji available for free. For 10 USD you get N4 - N1 unlocked, which ends up well over 2000 kanji. Now I know what you're thinking: "10 bucks!? Are you kidding me!?" Believe me, I know. It's a total steal. Anyway, the android version is the most current. There is an IOS version, however it hasn't been updated for a while since it's more of a side project/future development kind of thing. Here's a link to the Google Play store:



December 7, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Someone's getting paid to write this?


    I doubt it. If he were getting paid, he'd probably have got the link to its app store page correct. :P



    Is it just an SRS Kanji flashcard app or does it have anything else special about it? Does it also teach vocabulary associated with each kanji? I find that learning kanji alongside vocabulary really helps me learn them.


    Last year I put all 6,384 kanji in that app into one custom group and did flashcard study through the entire thing from beginning to end, clicking the star rating on each card for how well I know it. Took a few weeks to get through it but I got there eventually. :P

    It's really nice for giving a reasonable idea of how many kanji I know, and this makes it easy to find which ones I need more practice with. And when you search for kanji and view the example sentences, if you click the sentence it lists all the kanji in it and shows your star rating of each one.

    It functions well as a quick-to-use kanji dictionary, with lots of nice features and laid out nicely.

    To me it was definitely worth the $10 to own the full version. ^^


    Looks great, but unfortunately not compatible with iOS.


    The Andoid version of the app certainly isn't compatible with iOS, but the iOS version that was also mentioned might be:


    I say "might be" because it hasn't been updated for over two years and maybe isn't compatible with newer versions of iOS? It looks quite different to the up-to-date Android one, but might still be good. Looks like the full version on iOS is only $2 rather than $10 too, but maybe the full version isn't as amazing on there.


    If you want to learn Kanji in a fun way, I can definitely help you with that. I teach Chinese Mandarin to kids and collegegoers alike and they say that my character explanations and mnemonics are the best. If you are up to the challenge, just send me an email: nuno_134@hotmail.com

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