I was wondering if anyone had any interest in doing an Icelandic course. I would love to see this language added to the already nice list we have. The reason why I ask is that I have an interest in learning it and I think it would be cool to do it through Duo.

December 8, 2017

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Check out the information here:

And especially the information about Icelandic.

Are you familiar with It offers a free Duo-like course.

i would totally luv that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trying to learn all scandinavian languages.

There have been many discussions of this on Duolingo. Two days ago there was one on Old Norse, an earlier form of Icelandic. See my comment there and take a look at some of the links listed, which themselves list plenty of links for Icelandic. Icelandic would be great here on Duo.

haha an earlier form of icelandic...

and norwegian, and swedish, and danish, and faroese and other smaller languages!

Right. But speakers of modern Icelandic say that they are able to read Old Norse rather easily, whereas speakers of the other languages you mentioned, except maybe Faroese, say they cannot read Old Norse without studying it as a foreign language. It seems that because of the isolation of Iceland Icelandic has not changed very much from Old Norse, other than its pronunciation.

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