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  5. "我几乎忘记了她的生日!"


Translation:I almost forgot her birthday!

December 8, 2017



These Mandarin translations are very sensitive. 几乎 should be accepted as "nearly", as well as "almost". They have the same meaning.


Indeed. I have reported this several times, so hopefully they will get the message soon! :-)


他 should be accepted as well as 她.


Yes, for the listening exercise. It's driving me crazy!


What function does the 了 serve in this sentence?

I ask, because on another question, they translated "Your father almost forgot to take money with him" as 你的爸爸几乎忘记带钱, without adding 了 after 忘记, even though structurally both sentences are almost identical.

Are they both correct? And does anyone know why one takes 了 and one does not?


了can indicate things that happened in the past. You FORGOT his her birthday, as in past tense.


The word 了 has no meaning , both are correct, the word 了 can appear or not, it is usually there to make the sentence more fluent.

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