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Online HSK Test?

I want something that I can work towards (to help direct my learning) and I was wondering if there is some online HSK test/HSK-equivalent out there. I don't need it for work or anything, but something official wouldn't hurt either (mostly for quality control).

December 8, 2017



You can download HSK Online and give it a try. HSK Online is a great app for practicing HSK, the app includes HSK Chinese vocabulary, listening, reading, practice and mock tests to help learners pass the HSK1-HSK6 test; it is a good helper for foreigners to learn Chinese. http://www.hskonline.com/app


Select Level -> Practice https://www.hsk.academy/


If you want to learn each individual 漢字, here is the link. As a diagnostics, you should start from HSK Level 1 before you go up higher.

Note: The chosen 漢字 may not be precise for each level since the characters of different levels are randomly chosen from the list.


If you want to test your vocabulary, have a look at www.hsklevel.com

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