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  5. "Wamefungwa bao moja"

"Wamefungwa bao moja"

Translation:They have been defeated by one goal

December 8, 2017



I thought goli was goal? Would "wamefungwa goli moja" also work?


The translations here are incorrect.

Funga should mean to score a goal. Fungwa == Concede a goal.

Shinda means win, Shindwa means lose/be defeated.

You can concede a goal but not be defeated. So for this sentence "fungwa" and "defeated" mean different things.

"wamefungwa bao moja" = "they have conceded one goal"

"they have been defeated by one goal" = "wameshindwa kwa bao moja"


Might this be better as "Wamefungwa na bao moja" or is it fine as is?


I think it's fine as it is, and I think if you add na it means literally that it was the goal that beat them, not the other team. I think you could possibly add kwa here to make it clear that "one goal" is essentially the tool with which / degree to which they were defeated ... but don't take me as an authority here.

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