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Resources for Japanese Learners of ALL Levels

I did 4 years of Japanese in high school, here are some of the resources I gathered over the years:

1) The Genki I & II textbooks with the workbooks and the answer key are amazing.

2) The Essential Kanji books are also extremely helpful.

3) There's also the app Tangoristo Japanese reader which lets you read a variety of news articles in Japanese and you can tap a word to see the English. It is also completely free!

4) WaniKani teaches you Kanji so you will remember it but you do have to pay to access everything, it is both an app and a website.

5) Japanesepod101.com is another useful resource.

6) Kids books in Japanese are super fun to learn from but can be difficult after you learn a lot of kanji and you are used to seeing the kanji instead of the hiragana. However, they are useful all the same and try getting different levels of books. Here you can buy all sorts of books in many different languages: https://www.thriftbooks.com/browse/?b.search=#b.f.lang%5B%5D=70

7) You can also put your phone in Japanese if you are a higher level.

9) If you know and love Animal Crossing try their new free app Pocket Camp in Japanese and if you play video games try putting the games in Japanese.

10) There is an app called HelloTalk where you can talk to people around the world! Here Native speakers can correct you and help you learn. However, do be careful as some people will miscorrect. So find someone you trust in the language you are learning and ask them.

11) Other than that there are fun YouTube channels like KemushiChan and Sharla in Japan.

December 8, 2017



Thanks! =) In addition to this great list I found the following overview the other day: https://japanese.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/756/resources-for-learning-japanese


No problem! And thank you for the addition ^^


Thanks for these resources! BTW, I love my "Guide to reading and writing Japanese" by Sakade (Tuttle). It's available for less than $4 from Abebooks dot com, and for a couple of dollars more at Amazon too. Great for learning Kanji, and also has excellent charts for Hiragana and Katakana.


Thank you for the addition! ^^ I don't really have many resources for hiragana and katakana because I just used note cards and that's how I memorized them. But it's also been 8 years ago since that was my first year of high school!


Lingbe is another app where you can talk to native speakers around the world... And it's free!

Kanji Kahoii is awesome for learning the Kanji.

Tanoshii Japanese is awesome.

Lingodeer is an AMAZING app.

Babadum has a fun Kana game, really helpful.

https://djtguide.neocities.org/kana/ is also great.


Thank you for the additions Woof! I've done some of the other apps where you can talk to native speakers that are free annnd had some issues with guys using it as a dating app and sending nudes... so that's why I recommended HelloTalk because there it is against the rules and you can report them.


13) Where are the others? I think I need more resources.


I highly doubt it. In all honesty the two main resources you need are a good basic knowledge of the language (which you can gain some from Duolingo and probably the Essential Kanji books) and to find a native to talk to who will expand on your already existing knowledge and correct you. That will get you much farther than you would think. I have done that with both French and Japanese, it is super effective. On top of just listening and reading in the language as much as possible. You'd be amazed how far you'll get.

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