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Does the audio cut off in the middle for anyone else?

When listening to the Japanese voice it cuts off mid sentence. It sometimes fixes itself, but then goes back. Does anyone else have this problem?

December 8, 2017



It has been happening for a while occasionally in all of my courses when the audio automatically plays. It never happens when I repeat it. I imagine it's a bug, but there's nowhere to report general bugs, and it doesn't bother me much, so I've just ignored it mostly.


I gave the web version a try when Duolingo released it. That happened like what you described, but personally it was enough to convince me to switch back to my iPad. :(

English-to-German course worked well before, but unfortunately that was the previous desktop version.

I always use the latest version of Safari on macOS.


I encounter this issue when I am doing duolingo whilst running other CPU intense programs (such as video editors). it is simply because the processor can't keep up with duolingo. maybe try closing some programs or something. I don't know

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