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Mobile bots nonfunctional on IOS?

So, I'm level four in Spanish. The bot icon only pops up in the bottom bar when I go to my French course, which I can't even access at level 2 French. (Edit: It says on the app that bots are available at level 3.) If I switch back to Spanish, it'll still be there until I click on it. Then, it either disappears, or sometimes give me the "start chatting" bubble, but as soon as I click on it: poof! Gone again. I just downloaded the app a few days ago, so I know I don't need to update it.

This is incredibly frustrating. Anyone else having this issue?

December 8, 2017



The bots might only unlock once you have reached a certain point in the tree—which would make sense as a certain amount of prerequisite material would need covering before a learner would be able to understand them. As you evidently haven't got through much of your courses yet, I suggest you try doing more skills and see if the bots suddenly start working (try the next checkpoint).
This is only my hypothesis, however; it could equally be an A/B test or a bug in the app; I had already finished both of these trees by the time bots were introduced, and they have always worked for me, but all the people I have seen complaining that they don't work have had very low levels in the languages in question.


I just find it strange because it says on the app that the bots are available once you reach level 3. :/ Glad to hear its working for others, though. There's hope yet. Thanks!


If it explicitly says this in the app, then it's surely a bug. You can report it here.

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