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Daily streak keeps breaking on me

It is really unclear when my 'day' expires, causing me to lose my daily streak. This has been really frustrating and it's happened more than once.

December 8, 2017



On the start screen computer mode. It tells you how many hours you have left in the day. So the best way is to log on Duo on a PC and check.


In addition to the good comments of adder3 and FreeHelicopters. Please read this post of moderator Usagiboy7
Checked on your Streak freeze today?


Yeah timezones seem to effect it. I almost lost my streak last week thought I had hours left only had 30 mins.


As well as the other good advice to your post, you can find out which timezone Duolingo thinks you are in by going to www.duolingo.com/users/imnotashrimp (your username) and then use your browsers ‘search on page’ command to look for ‘timezone’


that's why I do duolingo in the morning, at least for a little bit. My timezone setting is not reliable.

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