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  5. "루마니아에 외국인이 얼마나 있습니까?"

"루마니아에 외국인이 얼마나 있습니까?"

Translation:How many foreigners are in Romania?

December 8, 2017



pretty much everyone besides a few thousands (maybe) Korean, can I understand it like that?


루마니아에 외국인 몇 명이 있습니까? What is the difference in these question? I feel like the one I wrote would seem to ask for a more exacting number than 얼마나, but I've never seen 얼마나 used to quantify something other than an adjective.


얼마나 for non countable things 몇 for countable things

From what I know, not a native speaker tho


Why is it 루마니아에 instead of 루마니아에서?


It is 로마니아 because, as far as I know, words 있다 and 없다 are used only with 에 and never with 에서.

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