"Santa has reindeer to pull the sleigh."

Translation:Le Père Noël a des rennes pour tirer le traineau.

December 8, 2017

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There is only one Pere Noel, so why use the artivle le?


The definite article is used when talking about people with special job titles or names. Le Père Noël would be one of them. Some other examples:

  • Je connais le commissaire Magellan. = I know Commissioner Magellan.
  • La présidente Rousseff est partie. = President Rousseff left.
  • Le juge Mongeville est retraité. = Judge Mongeville is retired.

The definite article is not used if you're addressing the people themselves.

  • Bonjour, ministre Robinson. = Good morning, Minister Robinson.
  • Père Noël, j'ai été un bon garçon. = Santa, I've been a good boy.
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