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Bonus Skills in French

In the app, I see three spaces for bonus skills... idioms, flirting and a blank space. I was told once (a while ago) - that the third space was for something to do with the holidays and would be available around Christmas. Is this true? When I look at my duolingo page on the computer, I only see 2 bonus skills places... does anyone know if there will be a third one coming out soon? Or will that “space” eventually go away in the app like it has on-line?

December 8, 2017



I believe in the past it has shown up around the middle of December.


I have no clue, there might be a way to contact duolingo to see if you can ask them.


I have found the Christmas bonus space only available on the French tree. I added it three years ago and don't know if Duolingo stopped offering it later on.

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