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"Dostali jsme tři góly během prvních pěti minut zápasu!"

Translation:We allowed three goals during the first five minutes of the match!

December 8, 2017



'we scored three goals in the first five minutes of the match' marked as incorrect. Surely this is better English? Thanks


The original Czech sentence means "We conceded three goals..."; if you were to say that we scored them, you'd say "Dali jsme tři góly..."


Hmm that's interesting. If someone were to tell me "We got three goals" I would certainly have guessed that they scored three goals, not that they conceded three goals. To me, "to get a goal" means to score one.

If this is so then I'd argue that "We got..." is actually a wrong translation, and it should be "We gave up..."


Hm, "Salah: It's always great to get a goal" really suggests this meaning...


So it should be "We let in three goals in the first five minutes of the match"?


Looks like the translation was changed since my last comment. Now it makes sense.


Did you actually get this exercise again, or just poked around in your past discussions? After I adjusted the exercise, I added the opposite challenge here and removed this one from the live course because of the inconsistency between what used to be required here and what is now accepted there. If the getting scored against exercise is still hanging around, something failed.


I didn't get it again. I just happened to notice that the translation at the top of this screen changed since my previous post that I deleted because it was no longer relevant.

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