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"Ba_" Syllables?

So, I've had a lot of trouble with these. It's really confusing because there are like seven symbols that sound like "Bat", "Bak", and "Bap". Is there a trick to tell the difference?

December 8, 2017



Are you are talking about how, for example, 밪, 밧, and 밭 all sound the same (like 'bat with a suppressed 't') '?

If so, this isn't an issue with "ba", rather how Korean deals with final consonants. Specifically, Korean only allows a few final consonants, others (like 'ㅈ' and 'ㅅ') get folded into the ones that are allowed (like 'ㅌ').

If any of these syllables are at the end of a word, they are indistinguishable to the ear. If they are in the middle of a word, however, the consonant is pronounced as you would expect. Thus '바자' is 'baja', '바사' is 'basa' and '바타' is 'bata'.


Yep, this helped. Thanks!


I haven't come across one yet... :(


Lots of exposure. Right now you can't tell the difference because those consonants are implosive. You also may want to focus on the syllable that comes afterward that will help you determine which consonant it is.

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