"I miss my older brother. I want to see him right now."


December 8, 2017

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I "哥哥“ should be accepted for "我的哥哥“. Thoughts?


Both are acceptable.
This sentence can actually be said in 3 ways, with no difference in meaning#:
A. 我想哥哥
B. 我想我哥哥
C. 我想我的哥哥
If I am the person to say this, it probably would depend on how close the listener is to me and to my brother. If he knows both of us well (e.g. a 3rd person in my family), it will be A; If he knows me well but not my brother (e.g. has only heard I have a brother), it will be B; If he doesn't know us well, or doesn't even know I have a brother, it will be C. After all, it is all about how much information the listener requires and where we want the emphasis to be.

(# - for the convenience of discussion only.)


Also 我哥哥 is a common way to express that


的 is definitely not needed when talking about family relationships.




To 看 someone has 2 meanings:
1 . You see him from a certain distance and has little interaction with him. e.g. to see a celebrity at a public event.
2 . You see someone who is in need of care. e.g. aged people, a friend who's sick or has broken a leg.


What's the difference between 现在 and 马上 ?


They are similar but 现在 is neutral and purely a time reference (now). 马上 would rather mean "immediately", "in no time".
大家早上好!现在是上午七点。(马上XX)/ Good morning everybody! It's 7 o'clock.
情况很差,请马上去看看!(现在 OK)/ The situation is bad, please go there and check it immediately!

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    The first is "(right) now;" the second is "immediately" or "at once."


    "我想哥哥。想马上见他." was accepted for me. I feel like overall, this course is getting better about not requiring "的“ in cases like 我爸爸,我哥哥, etc.

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