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  5. "I thank you all."

"I thank you all."

Translation:Ich danke euch.

December 8, 2017



I got the answer correct but could someone tell me if you can say Ich danke euch alle? Viele Danke


You could say "Ich danke euch allen" (it is the Dative case, therefore you need the "n" at the end of "alle"). I think the "allen" does not appear in the answer, because Duolingo just uses the "all" in the English sentence to make clear that it expects you to choose the plural form of "you" (euch") instead of the singular form ("dir"). So since there is this difference in German you don't necessarily need the "allen" to indicate that you mean the plural.


I replied "Ich danke euch allen" and was marked WRONG- just sayin'

[deactivated user]

    Yes, I think it would be much better, rather than putting the English word "all" in, to put the word "plural" in brackets after ("you"). Surely nobody would then think that the word "plural" had to be translated!


    Correct! You all is a southern IS expression and not an indication as to whether you is singular or plural.


    You can use 'Ich danke euch allen.' or 'Ich danke Ihnen allen.' (formal).


    Or in addition why does alle not appear in the sentence as it is offered as an option in the drop down tab please?


    Why is "Ich danke Ihnen" wrong? Im using the polite word (Sie) in dativ. Am I wrong?


    You are not wrong. I'm report it


    why is "ich danke ihr alle" incorrect? is it because "euch" exists?


    "Ich danke euch"? Warum nicht "Ich danke euch alle" was ist mit"all"?


    There is no word in the list to reflect the 'all' part of the quote. Is this just the US trash meaning of you-all as the plural of you?


    "euch" is the dative form of "ihr" which is the informal way of talking about several people (i.e. people you would call "du" individually)

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