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What is the best way to learn to speak the language?

I now have a 33% fluency in Spanish. I now know how to read it but saying it is a real challenge. In class we aren't allowed to have the volume up so we can hear the pronunciation. When I go home I turn it up but I am having trouble with understanding how they are saying it. I always get those questions wrong. It is really hard to understand the voice recording.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

December 8, 2017



By far, the best way to learn how to speak is to embarrass yourself in front of native speakers. Find a native speaker to practice and have conversations with, speak in Spanish, make mistakes, get feedback, and try to fix those mistakes.


Have you asked your teacher if you can bring earbuds?


I have considered that but it doesn't fix that I can't understand what the person is saying


There are probably YouTube videos about pronunciation, too


I will see if I can find any.


Newer users very frequently comment on lack of spoken comprehension. It comes with time. Understanding is harder than reading at first (and can remain so for a good while) in any language with a familiar writing system I think.

Practice, practice, practice! Stay on one lesson for a while and you'll definitely learn to understand the sentences in it.


I agree ! Speaking is the most difficult thing always for me with new languages.


Thank you all for your help but I can't always do those things, but I will try do some


Well, you can just put in some earbuds that block sound very well. I used to have trouble hearing my computer but i put in some earbuds and i could hear it a lot better.


That doesn't fix the fact that I can' hear them clearly. but thank you

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