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Maybe add new things to spends lingots on?

Because there was only a few things in the shop, and some people have LOADS of lingots, Duolingo could maybe add new items in the shop. I thought,

Hey! Maybe expensive stuff to that is reduce the amount of lingots people have!

But then I thought:

Actually, no. People wouldn't like that.

So then I thought:

WAIT! I could create a discussion on Duo and ask others!

So, yeah, I did that. What do you think? Should we add anything to the shop? And if so, what should we add?

December 8, 2017



People have been asking about this for forever! I think they should add a simple mini game to help you learn verb conjugation.


I think it would be neat if we could purchase a trophy case and a trophy for each tree we've completed, to be displayed on our profile.

I would also like to be able to buy a month of ad-free service, which of course would be a high lingot amount, but we gotta have something to spend them on!


Why would Duo give something that people pay real money for, in exchange for worthless made up money that Duo can make as much of as it wants?


Wow! I'd never have thought of that!


A trophy case for each tree would be awesome! Anything for completed trees, really.


A slang course for 515 lingots. I have way too many and I want to burn them all.

[deactivated user]

    I agree that there should be a slang course but not for so much maybe like the cost of the other courses or a little more. But i think it should only be available at a certain point in the tree so that people understand the language before taking slang.


    they should add costumes for dou


    or rather MORE costumes, in addition to the two on mobile. for that matter, bring the two on mobile to the web...


    I wish they would bring back the Progress Quiz option in the shop. With the exception of the Timed Practice, I think most of what they have now is worthless from a learning standpoint. It would be nice to get some better bonus skills also. The two in the Spanish course are really not that useful. Bonus skills focused on useful travel/survival phrases would be nice.


    Hmmm................. Maybe there should be a feature where if you have 500 lingots you can get something free at your door like a book speaking the language you are learning. Or, if you have one thousand lingots, you can get duolingo plus for free! Or, there could be a game where you pay 10 lingots to spin a wheel where you can either gain money or lose money. It's kinda like a bet!


    Nice idea! Maybe about the Duo+ bit, make the price higher cause the #LingotLeprechaun have given some people tens of thousands of lingots.


    Yes, perfect! :)


    Eventually I'm hoping that DuoLingo will have additional vocabulary/coursework you can buy with lingots. For now, it doesn't do much. They even took the fluency tests away ;_;


    It would be good to be able to wager larger amounts of lingots, since when you have 5000+ lingots, you don't care about losing a mere 5 in a wager.

    Buying additional days of streak freeze, that get exponentially more expensive the more days you add would also be good. I've seen a lot of people complaining that they can't maintain a streak since they can't use Duo on weekends, or others getting sad because they've lost a long streak while on holiday.

    To add the first day of streak freeze costs 10, so charging 20 for an additional day, then 40 for another, then 80, then 160, then 320 etc. so the price doubles for each extra day would encourage people to only use it when they really had to, and would provide a useful purpose for having a lot of lingots


    Or they could let us exchange lingots for other virtual currencies, let's say for bitcoin, 1:1, what do you think?

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