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What is the best way to get XP?

Does anybody know any Get-XP-Quick tricks?

Thanks in Advance, Micaiah

December 8, 2017



If you know the subject well, timed practice.


Every now and then for review I like to start at the top of my tree and work my way down to see how far I can get by completing a timed practice for each skill. You can rack up a lot of xp quickly and do a worthwhile review in the process.


it is not just about getting xp but stories give you a lot


It is only available for Spanish and Portuguese learners at the moment.


Taking a bit of time to learn to touch type fast can double your typing speed within a couple of months.

When you're fast at touch typing, and you already know your language tree well, it's pretty easy to just click on whatever's not gold that day. I've earned over 500XP in an hour before, and a couple of times earned over 1000XP in a day.

The only way to get better at a language is by practising. The more you practise the more XP you earn, so I find it a very useful indicator of progress.

Have you noticed how you occasionally see people on forums who are like level 3 complaining how Duolingo hasn't made them fluent yet, but you never see level 25s saying that?

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