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Question about "en"

Elle m'informe de ta nouvelle affectation, et j'en suis ravis - She has told me about your new assignment and I am delighted (to hear about it, about this, and this delights me?). What would the translation of en be here in this example. I feel like I will be fluent when I can get a handle on these pronouns and prepositions. Thank you in advance.

December 8, 2017



J'en suis ravi (si je suis un garçon)

J'en suis ravie (quand je suis une fille)


Je suis d'accord avec Luscinda. I would think She informed me about your new post, and I am delighted (about it). to be the correct translation.

It is my understanding that the pronoun en replaces de + noun or de + adverbial phrase. In this case, to save you having to repeat je suis ravi de nouvelle affectection you can simply say j'en suis ravi (or, if said by a female, j'en suis ravie as Pierre poined out).

Think of it this way in English: She tells me he has a new post, and I am delighted that he has a new post. This is very awkward and repetitive. However, she tells me he has a new post and I am delighted - once again, in English, about it is implied. The only difference is that the French have a pronoun for it.


...and I am delighted (about it) makes sense. I know in French you have to use the y and en where we, in English, let it go unsaid. I am trying now to work on pronouns, especially y and en, and prepositions again. And idioms, always idioms. Thanks Luscinda and ripcurlgirl.


I don't think you can translate it in isolation from the sentence, can you? Wouldn't you go for something like I'm delighted about it (or I take delight in it but that doesn't seem to fit the particular sentence so well, even if it works for the structure)?


"En" means "(about) it" or "this" here.

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