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Quick question....

I just got the following traslation wrong...

Viele Menschen mögen unseres Buch. (Many people like our book.)

Duo says, the correct answer is:

Viele Menschen mögen unser Buch.

Could anyone please, tell me...1) Why it must be unser and not unseres...and...2) Provide a few examples for each form...

Vielen dank!!!!

December 8, 2017



unser takes the same endings as mein, dein and other possessive pronouns.

You can look at the declension of unser here https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/unser#German

By the way, unseres does exist, but it's used with the genitive case:

Viele Menschen mögen den Titel unseres Buches = Many people like the title of our book

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Duo is right.
Our book lies on the table = Unser Buch liegt auf dem Tisch One page of our book is torn = Eine Seite unseres Buches ist zerrissen He corrects a mistake in our book = Er berichtigt einen Fehler in unserem Buch Many people like our book = Viele Menschen mögen unser Buch


Unser, euer and ihre are used when referring to a noun with a masculine or neuter article.

E.g Unser Opa ist sehr stark. Our grandfather is very strong.

Unsere, eure and ihre are used when referring to a noun with a feminine or plural article.

E.g Unsere Oma ist sehr hübsch. Our grandmother is very pretty.


Or maybe you're confusing it with "unseres" = "our one" (neutrum):

Imagine there's two groups of students who have both written a book they sell in their town. A student of group 1 says, "Viele Menschen mögen unser Buch." A student of group 2 answers, "Oh really? I've heard that viele Menschen mögen unseres."

unsere Katze --> unsere

unser Hund --> unserer

unser Buch --> unseres

plural: unsere Katzen/Hunde/Bücher --> unsere

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