"Ți-ar plăcea să trăiești într-un palat?"

Translation:Would you like to live in a palace?

December 8, 2017

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Palat mai poate sa insemne si castel! >:(


Ăla este castle nu palace, e o diferență


Într-un se citește cu totul, nu doar într sau un


God sake, you should consider fair synonyms too, someone suggested this earlier here but I can see you just ignore. What is wrong with: would you like to live in a castle?


As an American I never learned the difference between a castle and a palace until I learned German. It's just not part of our history, but it's worth keeping the distinction when learning a European language since they are very different structures.


Castle is not a synonym for palace in the same way that motorcycle is not a synonym for scooter and tram is not a synonym for bus.

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