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General Question

So I just finished Food lesson one and I was wondering about the use of 面 for noodles. I thought that 面条 meant noodles and not just 面。

So my question is does the 条 for 面条 get dropped from it because doesn't 面 by itself mean "Surfaced" or so?

对不起 in advance for the questions. I'm just trying to understand.

December 8, 2017



條 basically means strips. So 面條 could literally be translated as "strips of noodles." However, 面 has many meanings other than noodles, depending on the context. It can be noodles (usually wheat noodles), wheat flour, a plane (math, not an airplane), the front, outside, or side of something (書面), a person's face (面帶笑容), a measurement of flat things (like mirrors), a suffix for location or direction (前面/上面). Apologies for the traditional Chinese.


Bong! Don't forget that 面 is actually a simplification from 麵. So originally 面 means face/surface, and 麵 means wheat flour/noodles.

Although I've seen many people using 面 for noodles in Traditional Chinese area too...


谢谢。 I understand it better now. The clarification was needed.

No need to apologize for the traditional Chinese. I was just used to simplified due to that's what I learned when I took Chinese class a year ago.

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