"The woman has a piglet, a lamb, and a goat."

Translation:Femeia are un purcel, un miel și o capră.

December 8, 2017

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When do you know when to use "un" or "o" in words other than proper nouns?


UN for male . O for female. That (male,female ) must you lern


Isn't goat a male? Why "o capră"?


According to Merriam-Webster goat is a generic form. There seem to be gender-specific forms such as nanny goat and billy goat, which I, not living in the countryside, have never had an occasion to use.

I assumed that capră could also be used as a generic form but I could not find a reference for it. Romanian has țap for “male goat”. From what I found it's only used when you want to emphasize the male gender.


Why is capră used instead of ied, which is the Romanian for kid, as in a baby goat?

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