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"You are too late!"


December 8, 2017



I often hear people omit 了, what is the meaning of that?


了 is actually a difficult word to learn (and for me to explain).

In this particular sentence, the 太…了pattern is used to express a strong emotion (e.g. anger, disappointment) and thus it is not suitable to omit 了 here.

However, when 太 is used purely in the meaning of "Too" (without a strong modal expression) 了 is not always necessary. e.g. 对不起,因为你来得太晚,已经卖完了。/ Sorry, because you came too late, it has already been sold out.


In this case, 了 is not a completed action marker. In this case it is simply a grammatical requirement. This is the structure 太…了 which means "too…". You cannot omit 了 here.


Is there a reason 迟到 is not accepted? I put 你太迟到了


I put this too, not sure why it isn't accepted. I'll submit it, see if they'll flag it as correct.


Same, I used it too. Still not accepted.


I think what's going on here is the difference between arriving somewhere after you were expected too: 遲(迟)like if you're late for work, or the start of a meeting, and missing an opportunity you would have had if you'd been there earlier: 太晚了 like "I'm sorry, you're too late, someone already bought it."

I've never heard of using 太...了 with 遲, because 遲 already implies that some limit of lateness has been exceeded, whereas 晚 just means late with no implication that a particular time was expected.


A wizard is never late.


Is anyone else hearing something that sounds more like "lia40" than "le" when clicking on 了?

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