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  5. "Parecen naturales."

"Parecen naturales."

Translation:They seem natural.

March 16, 2013



Hmmm.I know I am just a man but I can only imagine what they are referring to.


I checked comments just to find this comment on top. Glad I'm not disappointed


Exacly the same :)


one of the other offered solutions was "they seem big". i think you might be onto something


I was given the choice to say, "they feel real"., I was tempted to use the word, feel , even though I knew it was wrong translation


Other DL examples are "Cuál está baja tu camisa?" And "Son reales?" I am waiting for "puedo tocar ellos?"


Shouldn't that be, "Puedo tocar ellas?"


Ellas :Las Ellos; Los ¿(Yo)LAS puedo tocar? Or ¿( Yo) Puedo tocarLAS? Can i touch them?


wink wink nudge nudge


...and they're spectacular!

Sorry, couldn't help the Seinfeld reference!


One million lingots, sir!


I like them natural!!!!


Why is "You seem natural" wrong? The translation hint has it as They/You plural. So it ould be You (as in you all) seem natural.


I believe you are correct, That would be a good use of the "report" button.


The "you" in the hint refers to the pronoun "ustedes", which is the formal "you (plural)".


Yes, you are correct. Report it.


To my knowledge, the sentence would need to read, "Ustedes parecen naturales" for it to be translated as, "You all seem real"... Is that right? Technically, the verb is in the correct form, "parecen", but without the "ustedes", it is simply they. That's my understanding of it, anyway :)


Nope, you don't need "ustedes" in the sentence for it to mean that. If you hear or read "parecen naturales", you determine whether it is referring to you (plural) or them purely through context.


@ tomoala Technically you are correct, when speaking about more than one person.


"They're real... and they're spectacular."


And they're spectacular!


If "Las flores son naturales" translates to "The flowers are real", why doesn't "Parecen naturales" translate to "They seem real" ?


I understand your logic JoshTay. I don't understand why "Las flores son naturales" translates to "The flowers are real". I would think that because the Spanish language has as part of it's lexicon the word "reales" the "Las flores son reales" would be what a person would write to express this thought in concise sentence. I do consider myself to be a beginner Spanish language student and am always open to broadening my personal knowledge of it. After 30+ years of using the English language in various professions and places all around the globe I still hold that it has the same capacity as any other spoken or written language to convey most any idea. That flowers grow on this planet is a real and natural occurrence. That they can be appreciated for their visual beauty and aromas they exude is also a natural, pleasurable human reaction to having them present in our various environments. That they can be used as a source for curatives and medicines could be considered a natural miracle and is equally considered as such by many people who live on this planet. So, yeah, flowers are certainly real. I for one, love the simple fact that they exist at all. : )


Yes, it is correct. But "natural" is more exactly.


What kind of sentence is this Duolingo?


So why is "They seem to be natural" an incorrect translation???


the "to be' adds a verb Pretty much the same intended meaning, but different grammar, just like in English. Your version would be "parecen ser naturales"


Thanks. I am learning that DL requires precision in some cases.


I still have trouble understanding why the above phrase used in the manner it is doesnt include the reflexive (SE)? Isnt the action(verb) technically acting upon itself. Ex. The verb "Parecer" isnt technically acting on anything. It seems to me that its somewhat passive. I hope Im being understood as its difficult for me to xplain. Please help Thnks


Why it cant be you seem natural?


If you can think of context where someone tells two or more people in a formal situation, "Ustedes parecen naturales, it would be grammatically correct. "Natural" is an adjective so it would follow a noun, so you could say "You seem natural singers (Ustedes parecen cantantes naturales).

Suppose two men just auditioned to sing a duet, and the director could say:'parecen naturales'. But would someone say that in Spanish? Maybe. A lot of speakers might use the pronoun,ustedes, as not to confuse you and they..


Duolingo got some sass


So *parecer = seem ?


Tus cocos parecen naturales. Did i do that right?


My eyes are up here!


Sorry Duo your wrong again - parecen es: 3ª persona plural (ellos/ellas/ustedes) presente indicativo por lo tanto - (ustedes) parecen o (ellos) parecen are equally possible

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