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Lost streak without missing a day.

I completed a lesson last night about 11:00 PM EST. This is about the time I do this EVERY DAY. Today I logged in to have a message that I lost a 162 day streak, which I can reinstate for 13.99. No way. It's just a streak and not important enough to spend the money on to reinstate, but it makes me a very irritated customer when it is incorrect.

This has happened multiple times recently with things like % Spanish, points not being available after completing the course.

I play to learn, but it's fun to compete with yourself. Please reinstate the streak. I have already completed a session today so it should be 163.


December 8, 2017



I know! It happens all the time to me too! However, mine doesn't offer to let me keep it for money


Lost streak without missing a day.
.... points not being available after completing the course.

In this post you can read about the causes, and how to keep your streak and get your XP after completing a lesson/strengthening
Checked on your Streak freeze today


decreasing "Duolingo fluency %"

That's normal.
Here you can read why:


did you meet your goal in XP?


ik, i went to sleep with a 50 day streak and woke up with no streak whatsoever

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