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  5. "你现在想不想打篮球?"


Translation:Would you like to play basketball now?

December 8, 2017



why is 打 used for basketball and 踢 for soccer?


I think it's because of the radicals. There is a hand (手) on the left of 打 and a foot (足) on the left of 踢.


打 literally means "hit". You can see this in phrases such as 打字 = "to type" (literally "to hit characters" as in pressing keys on a keyboard) 打电话 = "to call on the phone" (literally "to hit the phone" as in pressing the numbers)

踢 literally means "kick".

So you 打 sports like basketball and pingpong, but you 踢 sports like soccer.


as far as I know 打 refers to sports where u use your hands to play with the ball (since it also means "to hit")


Because 'hit' the basketball, and you 'kick' the football.. ;)


Both mean 'to play' but 打 is more associated with to beat, strike, to hit (as with basketball), while 踢 means to play a game by kicking such as soccer.


99% of the time you can use 'want' or 'would like' for 想. But every now and then the answers select one or the other and insists that is the correct meaning. Drives you nuts, and totally unpredictable.

Of course 想 is a more polite and less wilful way of saying 要, but as I say, they use either character to mean 'want' when it suits them.

My Answer to this question: "Do you want to play soccer now?"

No it has to be "Would you like to play basketball now?"

Irritating as usual.

No that's all of a sudden wrong.


what's the history of basketball being called 篮球 in mandarin? what's the connection between blue and basket?


篮 ("basket", bamboo semantic radical) is not the same as 蓝 ("blue", grass semantic radical); the only thing they share in common is the phonetic component: 监. 篮球 is a literal translation of the English term.


The 'not' character in the middle. It seems to be ignored?


This signifies giving the listener an option to do something. Literally it means "do you want to play basketball now or not" but doesn't have the aggressive / demanding tone that the English sentence might have. This is probably the reason why it's not translated that way as it can be misconstrued.


Do you want and would you like is the same!!! The correction is wrong!!!


Reported that "do you want to play basketball now or not?" should also be accepted


"would you like to play basketball" is also correct


'now' makes a difference here and is not optional

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