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Russian Reference Links

I had a really hard time remembering all the cases and found myself wishing that there could be a reference table which I could quickly browse to remind myself of some of the rules I learned in earlier lessons.

So at some point I started collecting some links on the web to some reference/tables on Russian, and since I think a lot of people could use them, I'd like to share them here:

  • Dictionary - this is a free dictionary I found very easy to use.
  • Cases Cheat Sheet - this is a cheat sheet I found with a very concise summary of the cases.
  • Single Page Reference - this is a relatively long reference of many of the concepts I learned, and you can search it to find the table you need (I just use the word itself, e.g. "твоего", to get to the relevant table).
  • Long and Detailed Reference - this is a multi-paged site with a very detailed reference of all the rules in Russian. I use it when I want to read a detailed explanation of a rule.
  • Preposition Cases - a reference of all prepositions and the cases of the nouns they take.


December 8, 2017



Thanks Tomma. I am still miles away from being able to use this in almost any way, but thank you for providing this. I hope one day that I am good enough to be frustrated and need it. ha ha. Because that will mean I am making progress )))


thank you very much

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