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Male German Voice Won't Slow Down!

The male German voice appeared today on the website, and when I click the speak slowly button, it speaks at the normal speed. On the longer phrases it makes it very difficult to catch all the words.

The female voice is still there and still works normally.

December 8, 2017



This is also the case with a new male voice in Portuguese today. It is realistic: he has a strong tendency to completely omit the final vowel when the next word starts with a vowel which of course makes it extra hard to understand the full speed version


I never have problems. Maybe you have a glitch. Most people don’t know this, but you can turn the voice thing off in settings. I did it and so am not bothered by that!


Same here. Perhaps they haven't got the slow audio files ready yet?

I like the new voice - he drops syllables like a real German speaker, and it's much more natural sounding than the female voice that enunciates every syllable carefully. Beginners to German might find him too challenging though, he does talk fast.

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