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When will Duolingo have an Icelandic course?

Memrise already has its official Icelandic course! What about Duolingo?

December 8, 2017



Nobody here has any idea. Duolingo probably knows, but they're not gonna give us that information just yet...


The incubator, where new languages are developed, is a finite resource. Icelandic will only get into the incubator when a) there is space for it and b) when Duo finds suitable volunteers and c) when Duo decides it is time for Icelandic to be added. There are lots of pressure for new courses and Duo has to prioritise the courses that are put into the incubator.


Duolingo needs to sort out a way to keep contributors and make sure courses don't stall before adding new ones. Hopefully after that they will add Icelandic plus tons of other languages.


This question is asked a lot. In fact, just shortly before you asked. There are plenty of other discussions. So the answer to your question is a definite yes.

Follow links in that discussion to find some good information about Icelandic.

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