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new user question

I jus started using duolingo for German and find it wonderful. However I can only seem to access Basics 1. All other units are in gray and not operable. Do I have to pay for the other units? I thought all - or most parts were free. On a Macbook. Please help and thanks!

December 9, 2017



You have to complete all the lessons within Basics 1 before other skills are unlocked. Same applies for all other skills.


Just to add to OmegaGmaster's comment, each time you complete a lesson inside of a skill, it will get a green checkmark. Once all of them have one, go back to the course page via the Home or Continue button, and move on to the next skill that should have opened. If you want to review the lessons you've already completed, you can do that. :)


Complete all lessons in a row, and the next row unlocks.

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