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Timed practice more mobile devices

Hey Duolingo. I have a question.

Why is it that if you buy the duolingo timer on a computer, you will be able to do timed practices, but you won't be able to do time practices on your phone even if you bought it on a computer with the same account.

The timed practice option is really good and It is fun and challenging to try to get the answers correct and fast too. It is also really well designed because you will get more XP if you finish more questions.

But why can't you access it on mobile devices, why is it only made for computer access.

Can you make timed practice available for mobile devices in the next update? It costs a lot of lingots for times practice and if its only available for computer then it won't be convenient since you can't bring a computer on the go but you can with a phone.

December 9, 2017



It costs a lot of lingots for times practice

Timed Practice is a one-off purchase costing a measly 10 lingots, and it's not exactly like there's anything else to spend them on... ^^;

Anyway, Timed Practice is already on all mobile devices. It's not in the silly apps, but you can still use it on web on phones exactly the same as you can on web on computers. Here it is on the mobile site on my Android phone:


I was thinking the exact same thing. I've literally got thousands of lingots now, from making posts and comments, and the only thing I use them for is giving them to people who make good posts and comments


I dare say it's not on the apps because typing on a mobile device is much slower and more fiddly than on a keyboard. Until future technology overcomes this problem, I don't imagine DL will anticipate any great need for timed practice on the apps (unless it does away with typing exercises, which would very significantly reduce the value of timed practice in the first place).


They could just give more time to compensate for that, but I think you're right


It was there shortly on the Android app :-)

This test FAILED that much, as the programmers replaced the normal strengthen button with "timed practice", instead of adding it.
ALL mobile users here on the forums complained about the 60 seconds test and wanted the normal strengthen button back!!! Thread flooding ;)

I personally tried it on an Android emulator, but honestly, I couldn't get something out of it.

What is the point of a 60 sec test when you all have to use TAPPING???
And I already think that the "timed practice" test on the website sucks quite much as it is implemented right now.

Not sure about the word pairs exercise if it was turned off or on for this "timed practice" on Android.

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