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  5. "출국 비자"

"출국 비자"

Translation:Exit visa

December 9, 2017



What is an exit visa?


Official permission (stamp/loose document) for a person to leave the country they are visiting or living in.

This requirement applies generally to expats, business people or people traveling on working visas to ensure taxes on income are fully paid before leaving the country.

Apparently, some countries do impose this requirement on their own people e.g Iran (at least up to year 2000). Cuba abolished it in 2013. etc.


Uzbekistan abolished theirs at the beginning of 2019. As far as I know, North Korea is the only country that still has it for their own citizens. China has a more subtle system that doesn't have exit visas, but requires permission from your government employer before issuing a passport.


If you go to the other country you need visa. If you do not, you will arrest.


For a split second I thought there was a country generous enough to offer pizza to people who were leaving by airplane.


At first I heard this as "China pizza".


Is there any country which demands an exit visa?


It sounds like it would have to be an authoritarian country like China or North Korea, especially for it's own citizens. On the other hand, it may be just the second portion of a visa, issued together with the entry visa.


I mean "its," not "it's."

It seems we cannot edit a comment on the cell phone app, but I've noticed some people have edited comments, presumably on the web version.

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