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  5. "이 약은 하루에 세번 복용하세요."

" 약은 하루에 세번 복용하세요."

Translation:Take this medicine three times a day.

December 9, 2017



Does anyone say "약을 먹다" any more. Also, why isn't 약 treated as a direct object instead of telling the medicine to take itself?


(약을) 먹다 is a very common expression. The verb (약을) 복용하다 is a very formal one.

So, it is very likely to hear "이 약은 하루 세번 드세요." in a pharmacy.


It might be because of the emphasis being on the 'three times a day'. I thought of it as 'as for this medicine, you take it three times a day'


It could be marked as a direct object. It isn't really necessary, because the verb means to take as in medicine.

The topic particle (은/는) does not mark the subject. It marks a topic, which can be a subject or a direct object or a location or a time. For declarative verbs (statements), the subject (if not stated) will often be assumed to be the topic unless the verb or something else about the sentence or context says otherwise. But for imperative verbs (commands), such as this one, the subject is always the person being commanded.

If I were a doctor telling a patient to take some kind of medicine, if that's it, I would probably use 약을 (or just 약). But if I'm giving instructions for multiple kinds of medications, I would certainly use 약은 because it would be necessary to explicitly separate the topic. "Take this medicine once a day with food. Take this medicine three times a day. Take this medicine two hours before you go to bed." I would use the topic marker every time.


Shouldn't it be "이 약을..."?


Topics can be objects.


약 (medicine) is the topic of the sentence, not the subject so "이 약은.." is correct

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