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Ihr is marked as correct when used as yours

Hello. As I understand "ihr" can mean: you (plural), hers, theirs or, rarely, you (formal same as Sie). But duolingo accepts "yours" as a good translation for ihr.

I have just made this exercise: translate "Ihr Haustier ist eine Ente." and my response was "your pet is a duck" which was accepted as correct. Why? Can "ihr" mean "your" as "euer"/"dein"? In that case, what is the difference between "ihr" and "dein"/"euer"?

If not, why does duolingo accept it? Is it a bug? If so, can it be fixed, because it is reaally confusing, given that ihr is already confusing in its own.

December 9, 2017

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"Ihr" (with a capital I) is the formal possessive; the difference between "Ihr" and "dein"/"euer" is that you use "Ihr" in formal situations and with people who aren't close friends. Duolingo ignores capitalization errors, which is why it accepts "ihr".


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