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Why Does Everyone Want to Learn Finnish?

Note: This post is not meant to be offensive to anyone.

So I've seen that loads and loads of people here want to learn Finnish. And I've just been curious to know as to why so many people want to learn Finnish. It's not a widely-spoken language and it is very hard to learn. I'm just curious: Are most people learning it due to an appreciation of Finnish culture, a challenge? etc.

December 9, 2017



The beauty of the language is breathtaking and amazing. And plus, who doesn’t want to learn the language of the most beautiful country in the world? If I were to move anywhere, it would be Finland, and I were to learn any language, it would be Finnish.

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NOT ME! And you succeeded in offending me!-) Just kidding about the offense but I could not help pick on your NOTE. I assume you wanted to say the opposite... Joke on again: Now I know for sure that I am no one!-((


Oops, yeah I did xD


I know several people who would like to learn better Finnish either to integrate better into Finnish society or just for fun. There not being a Finnish course on Duolingo doesn't stop them from learning, but having one would help a lot. Finnish is not a language you can generally just pick up from enough exposure to it (unless you already know a Finnic language) -- the learning curve starts out pretty steep.


I want to learn all Nordic languages. Since I speak Swedish and understand Norwegian and Danish, I have a very good start to make my dream come true. I like Finland as a country. I also have Finnish friends. Finnish is a national minority language in my country. Finnish music is awesome too.


I watch Finnish movies and love the sound of the language, I also like Finnish because it's very phonetic and easy to "hear" (for me anyway) I would also love to learn Northern Sami one day because I watch Ođđasat (the Sami news broadcast) and just think it's a beautiful sounding language.


Osaan suomea jo, mutta olisihan se kiinnostavaa nähdä, miten Duolingo asian hoitaisi. Pienen kielen ja kylmän maan kannalta on sitä parempi, mitä useampi kieltä osaa. Tai edes alkeita kielestä.

Syyni ovat siis itsekkäitä ja isänmaallisia.

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