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"There is a dog in front of our window."

Translation:Vor unserem Fenster steht ein Hund.

December 9, 2017



Why not ''Es gibt einen Hund vor unserem Fenster." ?


That's also a possible translation, in my opinion -- though with es gibt it sounds to me as if the dog is always there, not just right now. (Perhaps a statue of a dog?)

You can report it if you'd like.

If it's a real dog who doesn't stay in front of the window the whole time, but who just happens to be there now, Vor unserem Fenster ist/steht ein Hund would be better, I would say, or even Da ist ein Hund vor unserem Fenster.

(Despite my usual misgivings about translating the "there" in "there is" into German, I think that in this case it would sound more natural than Es ist ein Hund vor unserem Fenster. I'm not sure what the "rules" are for including da.)


The English should be ''A dog stays in front of the window''.


Why is 'Ein Hund steht vor unserem Fenster' wrong?


It's not completely wrong, and you could report it if you'd like.

But I'd say it's not the best translation.

"There is ...." introduces something new to the conversation, and new things generally tend to go to further to the end in German, e.g. as Vor unserem Fenster steht ein Hund or Es steht ein Hund vor unserem Fenster.


Not Da steht …?


No. There would be "A dog is standing in front of our window there" or "A dog is standing there in front of our window", but there's no "there" in the English sentence indicating a location.

(There's only a "there is", which indicates existence but no specific location.)


but "Da ist …" is OK?


Tricky. Yes, I suppose so.

I can't explain why Da steht... sounds wrong to me but Da ist... sounds sort of OK, though. Es ist ... is theoretically possible but also doesn't sound great to me.

The best translation, I think, is Vor unserem Fenster [ist/steht] ein Hund.

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