"Ei au adus porcul în casă."

Translation:They brought the pig in the house.

December 9, 2017

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They brought the pig home or they brought the pig into the house


"Home" = "acasă"
"In the house" = "în casă"

I agree with the second sentence.


They brought the pig home


Why not "inside the house"? DL does not accept it


I feel you can say any of in the house, into the house or inside the house but into is most natural. the others might be used if expressing incredulity, certainly.


Too bad that we don’t get to know where they actually brought this pig of the house. ;)


We have got ourselves a party :)


Beyond the pure language questions: Is this in Romanian a phrase with a deeper meaning (like "they invited a very unpleasant or badly mannered person to their place"), or does this just literally mean that somebody brought the animal pig home?


No special meaning in Romanian. Just a phrase...


The most likely story is - this is a household compound in a small village (a.k.a. commune). Often these houses have a few buildings around a courtyard, with a gate on the road, and they have a few animals, an outdoor bread oven and other things. I haven't seen one in person, but have seen a bunch of videos. For one example look up Mircae Bravo for videos where he visits Bunica.


Yes these type of dwellings exist in the countryside, in villages, but the meaning of the phrase is really that the pig was brought inside the house where the people live, otherwise it would have been "în gospodărie ", "în curte" or more specific "în grajd", "în șatră", "în țarc", în șură"


Thank you. Somehow I think Duolingo isn't going to teach us those words, just like it hasn't taught us Ciorba and Sarmale and the other meaning of Mici. ;-)

It seems likely to me that "curte" might have a meaning similar to what Americans call a "courtyard"?


Indeed! "Curte" (also "tindă" or "bătătură") is the area surrounding the house and its other buildings. It is the farmer's property, surrounded by some kind of fence, where the domestic animals would generally be left free

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