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  5. "树上面有一只鸟。"


Translation:There is a bird in the tree.

December 9, 2017



"There is a bird on the tree" sounds a bit awkward in English. I think you'd say "in the tree" in most cases.


It should at least be accepted as another correct way. Now it got rejected which is stupid.


7.5.2018 still not accepted :-/

Edit: 19.6.2018 still not accepted


That's why we can wonder who's doing the English part in this language pair... Duolingo, what do you say?


Is this saying that there is a bird only on the very top of the tree, or does it mean that a bird is perched somewhere on the tree? In English we say that there is a bird in the tree if the latter is the case. On the tree is a more marked case in my English, and would generally mean that the bird is perched at the tip-top, or that we are talking about a Christmas ornament. I guess the real issue is the Chinese and whether it only means on the very top of the tree or not.


My interpretation is that the 面 turned it from "in" to "on" and that you might say in English that a bird is on a tree in cases like a dead tree or a tree in winter without its leaves maybe. I'm a native English speaker but probably low intermediate in Chinese.


As far as I understand, the 面 doesn't change the meaning. It's basically the difference between "left" and "left side".


上 can have various meanings in English which can all be wrapped up into one character in Chinese. 车上 - IN the car 网上 - ON the internet 桌子上 - ON the table Etc. Etc.

And 下 works the same way, but opposite obviously


"There is a bird on TOP of the tree" was also marked incorrect...


Same for me. I think it should be accepted, so I reported it


"There is a bird on top of the tree" is currently accepted.


God I hate Duolingo at this stage. There are dozens of valid translations and I have to end up memorising the exact one Duolingo accepts. I can't handle this any more.


Hey! How is it going? I saw that you said you

can't handle this any more

from 7 months ago but you still maintain the streak for more than a year. What is your secret?


I'm assuming that "There is a bird on the treetop" would be different than "There is a bird in the tree."


If so, you someone please write both and explain the positions here?


Could* someone...


You can click "Edit" of your old comment rather than replying to your old comment with a new comment.


As someone wrote above, on the tree the bird would be sitting on the very top of it, while in the tree it would be sitting generally on one of the branches. I dare to say that mst birds sit in trees.


I'd still use "in" in that example, although it still sounds a little awkward to me.


The Chinese speak of a bird being 'on' the tree, because 'in' the tree sounds absurd to them. This is simply a literal translation of the correct Chinese phrase -- though admittedly Duolingo should allow us to say it properly in English.


"In" the tree, not "on" it!


My translation: There is one bird in the tree. Reported: 4.1.19

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