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Direction and Knowledge Modules

Please take this for constructive criticism! The Direction and Knowledge modules were the best two I have completed in the whole course. Sentences were logically constructed and avoided the problems of previous modules that used long sentences with too many word order choices in English. The narrator's Czech pronunciation was perfectly intelligible. So much so, in fact, I could even make out each individual word without slowing down the narration. My only negative comment would be that the last module in education reverted to all the previous problems, and took me an inordinate amount of time to finish.

December 9, 2017



I'd like to ask about this course on mobile. When is it going to be available? I hardly ever use browser Duolingo version and I'd prefer to use mobile app to practice Czech. I have Android Marshmallow and I've updated the app yesterday. Is the course going to be featured in mobile version during phase 3?


it is not available because the course is beta yet.

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