"Mom stirs her coffee with a spoon."

Translation:엄마께서는 숟가락으로 커피를 저으세요.

December 9, 2017

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Is there any reason that coffee can't be placed in front of spoon in this sentence?


It was accepted for me.


"엄마께서는" should be replaced to "엄마는" or "어머니께서는". "엄마께서는"is not wrong grammartically, but sounds wierd like childish speaking in elementary school presentation.


What is the rule of the honorific conjugation? I thought if the verb ends with a consonant, you insert 으 before 시, but then isn't it 젓으세요?


ㅅ is sometimes discarded during conjugation. For example: 젓다->저으세요. 젓다->저으세요. 낫다->나으세요. But sometimes ㅅ is not discarded. For example: 씻다->씻으세요. 웃다->웃으세요. The rule for the difference is what only linguists know because the reason relates to the archaic forms of those words... There's no way but just memorize the exceptions.

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