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help a brotha out

Bonjour! I'm currently a sophomore in high school looking to understand and take my french skills further. However, I'm having a hard time understanding where I stand in terms of my skill and fluency.

At school, I'm at level three of five (including AP French as the 5th level). I do have around the higher scores of my class and level but I feel that my I am not proficient enough to move on to French 4/AP. I do try my best to go out of my way to practice - I watch videos, listen to podcasts, have a learning journal, etc. But I can't help but feel like I've hit a wall in my learning.

How would you guys suggest that I go forward? Learning languages is a passion of mine and I'm willing to take every step that will help me to do so. I'm thinking that I'd really like to start reading books in French, but I can't seem to find any books that fit my skill level. What helped/helps you guys learn? Thanks so much!

December 9, 2017



I have listed some resources here that may help you out https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25416107 However, to me it sounds like you need to start talking with a native French speaker, that is the one thing that is missing. You can read and write all you want but there is no comparison to actually talking with a native in a conversation. It pushes your boundaries and forces you to use what you know and pay attention to the things you don't know. So I would highly suggest using resource #6 that I listed and finding a native to talk to.


Something is wrong if you are at the top of your class in French 3 and are still unprepared for French 4.

I think you should just go for it. I'm thinking its like when you are in second grade and you look over at the end of recess at the third graders lined up, and you're afraid to go into third grade because they look like amazons. Then the following year, you are in the third grade line looking over in amazement at how small the second graders seem.


Reading books (even if it's just simple, picture books), listening to French songs and trying to speak in French more. e.g: why not have a French conversation with a sibling/or friend...?

Hope this helps. French is my native language, so you might find it harder, but work hard and don't give up. :)

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