"Would you like to go to the sea?"

Translation:Tu ai vrea să mergi la mare?

December 9, 2017

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Ti ar placea sa mergi la mare ...e mai corect ...zi eu


The English sentence is unnatural. Despite the correct direct translation of the Romanian word "mare" to "sea", the correct phrasing would be "[..] go to the seaside". Alternatively, one could say "would you like to see the sea?" (despite the tongue-twister).


In American English, we wouldn't use "seaside," though it's certainly understood. It's common to hear things like, "We're going to the ocean."


Can't one use this translation as well; "Ți-ar plăcea să mergi la mare?"


Ai vrea tu sa mergi la mare? Is correct. "Tu ai vrea sa mergi la mare?" would be more like "Is it to the seaside that you would like to go?"(as opposed to the mountain or whatever) (Native Romanian speaker here)

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