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German TV series

Okay, does anyone, like ANYONE, knows where I can find torrent for any of these series: Lindenstrasse, Verbotene Liebe, Der Tatortreiniger, Doctor's Diary: Männer sind die Beste Medizin, Alpha 0.7 - Der Feind in dir? Please, help me!!

December 9, 2017


  • 2001

I believe ANYONE wouldn't be too comfortable sharing any torrent links.


Any of "Der Tatortreiniger" you can find here. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x224dn6

There are episodes of "Mord mit Aussicht" too, a funny series with crime and interesting characters.


I also want to start with german tv series! Is there any popular and really good?


Hi vajalica, have you ever tried to download or install Apps ( maybe App Store ) there are many kinds of Series, you're looking for or you've missed. And of course, there are always tipps for links on the TV ( ARD, ZDF,RTL and so on ) i have such Apps on my tablet and you're right, it is helpfull learning a language and enjoy a serie/ program too. But learning the language is in that way additional, at first the Duo tree is much important .. I hope, other Users can help you more than me? Bye and good luck!

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