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When will the Christmas skill appear?

We've only got a few weeks until Christmas, and I can't find the Christmas skill in the lingot store. When will it be available?

December 9, 2017



Last year it was only availble from about the 24th to the 30th, but maybe it will be avalible for a longer time this year.


They should make it available longer. A lot of people are busy during the stretch between Christmas Eve and New Year, so it doesn't make sense to only have it available then. At the very least, have it available a week before Christmas.


"Available" = available to purchase. Once you've bought it, it doesn't go away.


It's unfair to have a "limited time offer" for store items like the Christmas skill. Please set us buy it whenever we can and want.


Once you buy it, does it stay in your skill tree forever, or only during the holiday season?


It stays in your tree forever.


Alright, thanks.


Does it appear as an option on the tree, or you have to go to the store? how do you know when?


You buy it in the store. You know when because the forums explode with posts about it finally being available for purchase. If you're on here daily you won't miss it.


theres a Christmas skill ???? wow never new that thanks


it is absolutely ridiculous how they aren't allowing us to get it and it's almost halfway through the month of December. SMH Duolingo! Shame on you!


If I'm remembering correctly, it was available on December 24th last year and was available until the end of 2016. Hopefully, it'll be available longer this year =)


what is there to offer in the Christmas skill


It has the usual Christmas words and phrases, santa reindeer mistletoe, fairy lights sleigh elves. It's a good skill and you keep it forever.

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