"The child has never seen a lizard."

Translation:아이가 도마뱀을 결코 안 봤어요.

December 9, 2017



"본 적이 없습니다" would be perfect. Avoid "결코"...... It sounds like reading a serious essay or something.

January 5, 2018


결코 and 전혀 has no big difference

June 13, 2018


Mine didn't have the option of "본 족이 없습니다" which is correct. Instead it gave me "안 봤어요" which means he didn't see the lizard that was in the vicinity.

December 9, 2017


I live in Korea and we never use 결코. I would say '아이는 도마뱀을 본 적이 없어요.' for a better translation.

June 18, 2019


Duolingo marked this sentence wrong order because I put the adverb 결코 before the object 도마뱀을. However, in another sentence, I put the object breakfast before the adverb 보통, and it was marked wrong order. Is the order of either sentence really wrong, or did the writer simply forget to put both choices, so the computer automatically marks it wrong?

January 21, 2019


I still want to know about the order, please.

July 17, 2019


Why is 결코 used instead of 전혀?

February 4, 2019


"아이는 도마뱀을 결고 안 봤어요" Wasn't accepted. The only thing wrong is litterally that I wrote 는 instead of 가. Shouln't the meaning be the same in this context regardless if it's 아이는 or 아이가?

May 16, 2019


결코 and 전혀 have almost same meaning.

July 17, 2019
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