What is the difference between de and di?

what's the difference? I know you can conjoin de + an article. Is this only to show possession?

Ex: le bottiglie di ghiaccio i biscotti del ragazzo (de+il)

March 16, 2013


"del ragazzo" DI+IL

it's a "preposizione articolata"

We use very very very very seldom "de", I think it's not worth mentioning that case, it's pretty advanced and almost useless stuff.

On "preposizioni articolate"... FAQ #8

March 17, 2013

DI = of

DEL (della, degli and so on) = of the

of course the use of the article is different in Italian and English, maybe that's your problem. In such case we can check some sentences that you don't find easy together and try to find a rule that works.

March 17, 2013
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